12-8-23 - Hybrid CLE (6 Hours)

December 8, 2023 @ 8:30AM — 4:15PM Central Time (US & Canada) Add to Calendar

Radisson in Bismarck: 605 E Broadway Ave Bismarck, ND 58501 Get Directions

12-8-23 - Hybrid CLE (6 Hours) image

8:30AM-9AM Breakfast

9AM-10:30AM Access to Justice and ChatGPT

Join us for an engaging and timely CLE session tailored to the needs and challenges of legal services attorneys committed to advancing access to justice. We'll explore the transformative potential of Generative AI—technology with the power to democratize legal knowledge and enhance the delivery of legal services.

In this interactive session, we will delve into the practical applications of ChatGPT and similar AI tools that are redefining the landscape of legal practice. You'll gain insights into how these technologies can be leveraged to streamline case work, improve client communication, and broaden the reach of legal services to underserved communities.

We'll also tackle the crucial ethical considerations that come with integrating AI into legal practice. What are the benefits and limitations of gAI in the context of legal aid? How can we ensure that its use aligns with our core values of providing fair and equitable legal assistance?

Our discussion will focus on the real-world impact of gAI: enhancing your ability to serve clients effectively, expanding access to crucial legal resources, and maintaining the integrity of the legal profession. We'll examine not only the capabilities of AI but also the critical question of governance: How should we regulate its use, and do we even have a choice?

Come ready to question, challenge, and prepare for the future of legal services in the AI era.

10:45AM-12:15PM Battling Burnout: How changing your perspective can reclaim your confidence and tame your imposter syndrome

Can we agree that the perspectives and mindsets that you carry with you through life create your reality?

And that these perspectives are all based on your history. Including every time your dignity was dinged or even violated. Each violation creating another barrier to connection as the amygdala in your brain tries to keep you “safe.” Thus, creating your present reality, and impacting your future. Oftentimes showing up as self-doubt and imposter syndrome, leading to over giving and burnout.

The challenge is when you’re caught in your history, spinning around past failures, fears, and self-doubt, it can create excessive anxiety, stress, even physical challenges. Causing you to dim your contributions, throwing you off track and derailing your career future.

During this engaging talk, you’ll discover the number one cause of stress in your life and how it’s fueling your burnout, fears, and miscommunications that lead to self-doubt and conflict. You’ll learn the keys to greater well-being by rapidly rewire your thinking to master your mindset, reclaim your confidence and create greater peace of mind.

During this interactive discussion, Ms. Molitor will share with you how to:

01. DISCOVER how your perception shapes your reality creating imposter syndrome and self-doubt

02. IDENTIFY how your brain keeps you battling burnout and eroding your confidence

03. REWIRE your mind by learning new tools and perspectives to empower your success and peace of mind

12:15PM-1:15PM Lunch

1:15PM-2:45PM Safety Planning for Domestic Violence Situations

In this session, CAWS will enlighten attendees about the crucial safety requirements pertinent to individuals who have experienced domestic violence. While we know that leaving is one of the most dangerous times for victim/survivors, it’s important to know and understand the safety elements these individuals experience while utilizing the civil legal system. This training will discuss domestic violence, stalking, victim autonomy, lethality indicators, safety planning, and local DV/SA programs throughout the state.

3PM-4:15PM Navigating Expectations: A Lawyer’s Guide to Client Management

Join us for a 90-minute comprehensive session designed to empower lawyers with effective tools and strategies for managing client expectations, with a special focus on pro bono and low-income clients. This presentation is tailored for legal professionals seeking to enhance their client communication skills and build more trusting and successful relationships.

Key highlights include:
- Understanding the nuances of client expectations and the psychology behind them.
- Mastering communication tools and techniques for setting clear boundaries and expectations.
- Exploring case studies and real-life scenarios to apply learned strategies.
- Special focus on managing the unique challenges faced by pro bono and low-income clients.

Whether you're a seasoned attorney or new to the practice, this session will provide valuable insights and actionable steps to improve client satisfaction and reduce misunderstandings. Elevate your practice and ensure your clients feel heard, valued, and effectively represented.

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